Company Profile

Balancing Technique is a family business; which has been in operation since January 1984 under the leadership of Keith Neville Robinson. Keith has been involved in the weighing industry for more than thirty years and in excess of twenty years in the field of Dynamic Balancing and associated equipment after having served as a Service Engineer for Schenck Balancing Equipment in South Africa. Due to the phenomenal growth of the company and changes in the industry Balancing Technique (Pty) Ltd was established in May 2012.

Vibration Problems

We offer a solution to these serious problems in the industry incorporating values set out by ISO and VDI standards

Dynamic in-house balancing

Equipment used: Schenck Computerized CAB590

High speed precision balancing of all types of rotating components with masses of up to 3000kg, 1560mm diameter and up to 4m length (standard). Special lengths can be accommodated.

On-site / Field Balancing

Equipment used: Schenck Portable Balancing Machines

This application proves an economical and practical method of on-site balancing of assembled machines e.g. fans, flywheels, motors, centrifuges, cardan shafts, automisers, etc.

Vibration Severity

This provides a detailed report of the vibrational behavior of a machine together with practical limits given in ISO2372, ISO8402 and VDI2056 standards.

Frequency Analysis

Spectrum, Tracking, Bearing Conditioning & Schenck Prognosis Program.  Results obtained from an analysis can be used for any planned reduction process of vibration i.e. the various components of vibration or simply the ‘Vibration Exciters’.

Schenck Laser Alignment

Machine and Drive Alignment (Coupling in position, majority of cases)